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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Quick Spring Centerpieces

Spring is here and so are  afternoon teas, brunches and luncheons at home. After cleaning and cooking many leave decor to the very last minute. Here are a few quick centerpiece ideas that can be done with household items and flowers from the garden.

Wine and Roses- we used single rose heads , tea leaf and wine glasses to create these cute and simple centerpieces.

 Submerged Flowers -Here a single orchid in any glass vase paired with colored sand and a tealights adds a simple yet elegant touch to an affair .

 Chinaware- Use pretty teapots or mugs like this as a festive accent to the table at your next event.

 Food Color-Food coloring goes a long way when it comes to simple centerpieces. Add a few drops of your favorite color for unexpected eye candy at your table.

 Topiaries- Create a mini topiary using garden roses and greenery , a mini pot,  and ribbon.

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